Pilot scheme sees Ireland legalise medical cannabis

Legislation has been signed this week allowing citizens in Ireland to access cannabis-based products. This access will be for medical use only and is part of a five-year pilot scheme, as reported by The Irish Post.

The programme was first proposed by Health Minister, Simon Harris, two years ago but time was spent finding a quality-assured supplier. 

The scheme will be limited to patients who have specific medical conditions and aren’t responding to standard treatments. These conditions include: 

  • Muscle stiffness from multiple sclerosis
  • Severe nausea associated with chemotherapy
  • Severe epilepsy.  

The approval of The Medical Cannabis Access Programme is great news for sufferers who previously spent thousands to access similar treatment abroad.

Even though this medical advancement is great news for patients who suffer severely, Harris makes clear that the news has no impact on general legislation in the country. There are still no plans for cannabis to be legalised in Ireland for recreational use.

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