What are cannabis tinctures?

cannabis tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-extracted products from the well-known cannabis plant.

Whilst there are many ways to consume cannabis, not all are user-friendly or taste good. This is where tinctures come in.

What is a tincture?

A cannabis tincture is made with a high percentage of alcohol and comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper for easy application. Because of this, they are one of the best and easiest ways to consume a precise amount of cannabis.

Prior to the United States prohibiting cannabis in 1937, tinctures were the main source and form of cannabis use. Nowadays they are widely available in any flavour to suit the user’s needs. They are also referred to as ‘green dragon’ or ‘golden dragon’.

Similarly to cannabis edibles, tinctures are orally consumed and can be used on their own or as an ingredient in recipes. They are normally taken by placing a drop of the concentrated liquid onto or under the tongue. 

The storage of tinctures is incredibly important. The cannabinoids in each pot can break down very quickly and stop working when exposed to light or heat. Because of this, cannabis tinctures should be stored away from light and heat in an airtight dark container.


Cannabis tinctures are faster acting than any cannabis-based edible. This means that a user would not have to wait for two to three hours for the side effects to work. Shortly after taking the dose, the user will be able to recognise if one dose will be enough or more will be required. The high also lasts for a much longer time, allowing the user to reap the benefits.

Another great benefit of using tinctures is not having to smoke. Smoking cannabis is a common and effective way to consume marijuana. However, smoking brings about many health issues including breathing and lung problems. But when using tinctures, a user’s health need not be compromised.

Tinctures, unlike almost any other cannabis product, do not have an odour. They do not have the usual earthy smell of cannabis that can be off-putting for most consumers. This benefit makes tinctures a popular choice for many.

The final benefit we will talk about is how tinctures bring about precise dosing. When consuming flowers or certain edibles it is very easy to accidentally overdose on the required amount. However, when taking a dose from a tincture it only allows a drop at a time so a user knows for sure how much they are taking until they gain the desired effect.

How to use a cannabis tincture

Once you have purchased a tincture, there will be directions of how much you should consume at one time. But how to take it is not always listed. And the truth is that consuming tinctures is extremely easy and straight forward.

However, if you desire the quickest and most efficient way then taking it sublingually is the most appropriate. To take the tincture sublingually, all a user needs to do is drop some of the liquid under the tongue, wait half a minute then swallow. By doing this, the cannabis will get into the bloodstream faster making the side effects come on straight away. 

There are though, other ways of taking cannabis tinctures. One way can be done by dropping it onto your food or beverage. By doing this, the cannabis will hit your system at the same time as an edible would.

The final way to consume the cannabis product is by dropping it onto the tongue and swallowing straight away. Doing it this way will mean the side effects won’t come on as quickly as consuming it sublingually. However, it still faster than putting it into food and drink.


Cannabis tinctures are an easy method of taking cannabis and gaining the benefits it provides without having to smoke. Making tinctures is as easy as buying them from a licensed seller and they are becoming a popular way to consume cannabis. 

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