Five ways to use cannabis stems

By extracting the most use out of your plant, you’ll be able to get more out of your investment. This is particularly true if you happen to have a particularly poor harvest. Below, we take a look at the different ways you can reuse cannabis stems.

  1. Create cannabis tea
    Cannabis tea has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Some like it for its taste, while others use it to calm any feelings of anxiety. To make cannabis tea, you can simply brew your cannabis stems in boiling water. You should brew your stems for whatever length of time it takes to reach your acquired taste. To get the most flavour out of them, you should slice them lengthways and allow them to steep for a good few hours. 

2. Create a cannabis-infused drink 
Looking to get more of a buzz from your alcoholic drink? You can use your cannabis stems to create an infused flavour - creating a new type of cocktail before your night out. There’s plenty of inspiration available on the market, but using your own stems will help you to save money. Simply grind up the stems and add them to your drink, with the quantity depending on the strength you desire. 

3. Create a new way to bake
When many people think of edibles, they tend to focus on the flower part of the plant. However, cannabis stems also have multiple uses in different types of recipes. The stems can be used to create cannabutter and cannaoil. You will need to keep in mind that stems tend to have a harsher flavour than the flowers, so make sure you adjust any recipes to achieve your desired flavour. The stems still contain a little THC and this can really shape your ideas for reusing them. 

4. Create a new skincare regime
Cannabis stems can be used to make therapeutic skincare products at home. This is a great way to reuse what’s left of your harvest, while minimising the amount you spend in shops. There are a variety of ways to add cannabis stems to your skincare routine, such as heating them in coconut oil. And you can even add essential vitamins to your new product.

5. Create hemp paper
Did you know cannabis stems could be used for craft hobbies? By grounding the cannabis stems and soaking them overnight with some paper scraps, you’ll be on your way to creating hemp paper. The mix should be added to a blender before being poured onto a screen. Once this mixture has dried, you’ll have your own paper to do with whatever you please. 

Cannabis stems can be reused in many ways which is great news for cultivators. They no longer have to go to waste or be left piling up somewhere. Whether you want to bake them or drink them, there’s a variety of options available. Every part of the plant becomes more valuable and useful. 

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