Three stoner clothing brands you’ll love…

stoner clothing brands

There are hundreds of stoner clothing brands around the world all with their own take on cannabis apparel. Different brands promote their own logo through their clothing and accessories. With the array of companies available, it can be difficult to find good quality brands that you’ll love. In this article, we will go through some of the top stoner clothing brands on the market.

Cannabis Life Apparel

Cannabis Life Apparel, also known as CL Brand is formed of young, forward-thinking individuals. CL Brand was created with the desire of following the growing cannabis movement whilst making an impact in the industry.

The website is made up of cannabis-inspired clothing, accessories, education content, and collaborations with others in the cannabis space. These high-quality products are providing customers with on-trend apparel that they can build a lifestyle around.

Cannabis Life Apparel is based in the United States and sells mid-range price clothing and accessories. They believe they are different from other cannabis brands as they believe the customer is more important to the cannabis mission than they are. The brand intends to make an impact on individuals and the marijuana movement for many years to come. 

As mentioned above, CL Brand is not just a clothing company. Their functions are split into four main components; cannabis clothing, cannabis accessories, collaborations and education. Through collaborations, CL Brand looks to garner respect within the cannabis, art and fashion industries. 

Chiefton Supply Co

Chiefton is a cannabis-inspired clothing brand based in Denver, Colorado. It sells a wide range of products from clothing, accessories, hat pins to stickers. Chiefton was created in 2015 with a passion to design and create a modern and trendy lifestyle brand. 

The brand strives to be innovative and eco-conscious with its apparel whilst supporting and promoting the global cannabis community. Their mission is to create high-level function and comfort garments in the most responsible way. 

Chiefton’s clothing and accessories utilise textiles such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and even hemp. This allows the company to deliver high comfort and performance to their customers. Being in Denver, the brand uses the only certifiably green screen printing shop in the state. 

Not only does the company promote themselves, but they have also teamed up and collaborated with other cannabis companies. These companies include Hempire, General Cannabis, Dude Grows and Nugnation. Through these collaborations, Chiefton is helping to promote and grow the cannabis sector and the brands involved.

The final stoner clothing brand we will discuss is slightly different from the others. DojaDrop aims to be the industry’s number one destination for large cannabis clothing brands. Instead of just selling their own apparel, DojaDrop promotes and sells three other cannabis brands on its website. 

These brands include GFarmer Labs, CarbCap Unlimited, Genetic Threads, plus many more. Prices range from low to medium, making it affordable and fashionable. The brand sells and promotes clothing for both men and women, hats, wall art, socks and pillows.

DojaDrop wants to create a platform in which they can promote and support the cannabis culture. They aim to be different by working with partners to market and guide individual brands around the world. Through this, they hope to aid cannabis and spread the joys and knowledge of the well-loved cannabis plant. 


This is just a shortlist of some of the amazing stoner clothing brands available on the market today. All with the same end game in common, these clothing brands wish to sell good-quality products to their customers whilst spreading love and knowledge about the cannabis industry. 

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