Four medical cannabis events you should attend

medical cannabis events

There are a number of great cannabis events happening throughout the rest of the year in the UK and they all focus on different areas of a rapidly-growing industry.

Below, we take a specific look at some of the medical cannabis events taking place that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a health practitioner, patient or advocate, there’s something available for you. 

Medical Cannabis for Health Professionals

This event is hosted by Medical Choices UK and is taking place in London, Manchester, and Glasgow between September 16 to 19. These evenings will give attendees the opportunity to hear the latest information about eligibility and ease of access to medical cannabis for patients. There will also be discussion around treatment, research and trends. 

Each evening is seminar led, involving some leading figures in the medical cannabis industry. Some of these figures include Dr Julia Piper, a general practitioner and the Director Medical Choices UK. She will be joined by Dr David McDowell, an independent pain specialist at the Medical Cannabis in Manchester and Carly Barton, a patient advocate. 

This promises to be an educational and interactive evening, with the experts, prescribers and even the patients available to answer any questions that may come up. 

The Glastonbury Plant Medicine Conference 2019

This event, presented by Hemp Fest and Reality Studios Inc, looks to challenge some of the misinformation and negative attitudes towards medical cannabis. On Saturday September 14, like-minded people will come together to share their experience and learn the latest information about medical cannabis. 

The day will include speakers such as Clark French, CEO of United Patients Alliance, and Jem Ayre, a cancer survivor who advocates the use of medical cannabis. There will also be a number of films shown during the day, including “Medicinal Cannabis and its impact on human health”. 

The purpose of this event is to explore the real potential of cannabis in the context of medicine. To make the event accessible to everyone, it will also offer creche services and a hemp market for those who are looking to make purchases on the day.

The Green Light – Demystifying Cannabis & Hemp Investment & Opportunities

This event is hosted by The Cannabis Fund and takes place in London, on Thursday September 26. Particularly focused on the European and Asian cannabis market, this evening brings together players from the world of medical cannabis and consumer products alike. The event offers access to domain experts and leading companies in the cannabis and hemp space. 

More talks are being added weekly, but some of the most significant to look out for include Richard Skaife – a globally recognised VC within the space – and Peter Meli, the Malta economist who has created Europe’s most business-friendly regime on the island. 

Attendees of this event will be able to see expert presentations and Q&As about cultivation, clinics and prescriptions. They will also receive an overview of the funding universe and know what’s supposed to be coming up next in the market. 

Medical Cannabis in Practice:
Prescribing, practicalities and the patient experience

Hosted by the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, this event brings together clinicians who are interested in prescribing cannabis. It’s also a change for sector professionals to discuss the growth of access and the reality of medical cannabis in the UK.

Attendees will get the chance to hear from licensed producers, those developing treatments and even those who are working to import the drug to pharmacies and improve general access.

Speakers include Vice-Chair, Dr Dani Gordon, a world leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine and wellness and Hannah Deacon, a patient advocate. Further speakers are set to be announced in what is shaping to be an important event. This event is right at the heart of medical cannabis and its practitioners.


This is just a shortlist of medical cannabis events happening across the UK. There are many more shows that you can attend and as the industry grows, we expect the number of meet-ups will too. As medical cannabis isn’t easily accessible in the UK, these events become an important mode of communication. 

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