Five cannabis subreddits you should subscribe to

cannabis subreddits

Reddit is one of the world’s most popular social media sites, giving people access to the latest news, debates and memes about the cannabis industry. It brings together niche communities, people that want to learn more about cultivation, and even those who simply want to share edible recipes. Below, we take a look at five cannabis subreddits you should start following. 

r/trees – Home of the Ents
r/trees is one of the most popular cannabis subreddits, with 1.4 million subscribers and a large amount of daily activity. In this subreddit, you’ll find everything to do with cannabis. Users posts about their favourite smoking spots, how to minimise stigma surrounding possession and consumption, and different types of strains that are best for flavour. 

Perhaps most importantly, this cannabis subreddit raises awareness about different types of 2019 state and federal legislation efforts that are ongoing. It encourages subscribers to contact their local and federal representatives to show support for the cause. 

Are you interested in investing in cannabis? Then this cannabis subreddit is for you. You can join 126k other subscribers who participate in investment discussions for publicly traded cannabis related stocks. By joining this subreddit, you can access business news, resources, and research. 

Although there are certain rules about what can and can’t be posted, this cannabis subreddit is particularly welcoming for newcomers and beginners. It offers a great breakdown for those who  want to get started with trading. It suggests educational sources, which brokers to use, offers how-to instructions and information on different types of market analysis. 

If you’re looking for a cannabis subreddit that is more focused around policies, advocacy and health issues, then r/Marijuana is the one for you. Its 145k subscribers discuss the laws in different states and countries, access to medical marijuana, and the latest guidance from the FDA. 

This is a more formal subreddit, with users seeking serious answers and advice for their issues. In fact, the posts with the most upvotes include news about cannabis-based MBAs, which states are moving towards legalisation, and current risks for marijuana growers. 

Not everyone is interested in marijuana for recreational purposes. In fact, cannabis has much more important medical uses and CBD is one of the biggest focuses in the industry right now. This cannabis subreddit has 81.9k subscribers who discuss topics related to medical marijuana and their experiences using CBD.

Before using this subreddit or taking any advice away from it, it’s important to note that no other user can be assumed to be a medical professional. It is, however, a sound resource to find top suppliers, warnings about false advertising, and the general benefits of using CBD.

Cannabis subreddits target different audiences within the industry. While many subreddits focus on consumption and medicinal discussion, this one is aimed at cultivators. Its 157k subscribers discuss tips on which equipment to use, different growing methods that can be adopted and they share pictures of their harvesting progress. 

Whether you’re new to growing cannabis, trying to cultivate it on a budget or if you’re battling with different growing conditions, there will be someone on this subreddit who can help you. There is also a subreddit for larger growers, r/macrogrowery, which is worth checking out too. 

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