FIVE cannabis podcasts you should add to your library

Podcasts are loved and listened to by many all over the world. A podcast is used to describe any digital audio file available on a phone, tablet or laptop. They are normally series or episodes and are typically free to listen to. 

As cannabis becomes a more popular and talked about topic, it is no surprise that many want to listen to podcasts about the exciting and industry. Here we will go through five of (what we think) are the best cannabis podcasts that you need to add to your library.

Getting Doug with High

The first podcast we will discuss is ‘Getting Doug with High’. This is a comedy podcast by the well-known weed lover and comedian Doug Benson. Each episode on his podcast hosts new fellow comedians whilst they all smoke weed and get ‘high’. They partake in an interview to discuss all things weed and learn about the different cannabis strains and accessories. 

This witty and humorous podcast includes regular segments such as High History, Pot Topics and Pot Quiz Hop Shot. This is where guests open up and talk about their first experience of getting ‘high’, Doug covers all the latest cannabis news and information and the guests are asked pot trivia questions. Comedian guests include Jack Black, Tommy Chong and Kevin Smith.

The Adam Dunn Show

The Adam Dunn Show airs for three hours per week, giving its audience reliable and up-to-date news and information. It discusses a different topic in each episode and is available on iTunes. From cannabis culture, news, rumours to science facts, this podcast covers a plethora of information and insight. 

Founder of Hempworks, Adam Dunn has been advancing the cannabis culture since the 90s, meaning he is armed with loads of information and history. Now living in Colorado, he shares his podcast with Bike Hawley and Mitch Shenassa as they share informative stories on the rising industry of cannabis.

High Friends 

This podcast is described for women who love weed. High Friends focuses on women doing amazing and influential things in the cannabis industry. The hosts include Rachel Colic and Gill Pollard as they discuss topics relating to real-world news about women and mothers making changes to the way cannabis is seen. 

Both Colic and Pollard have launched their own businesses that celebrate women in the industry and their experiences with cannabis. Even though the podcast predominantly discusses women, this does not mean men cannot enjoy its information and real-life stories. 

Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast

Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast includes, The Dude – Scotty Real – and DGC whilst they discuss the latest news, information and humour regarding cannabis. The podcast is created every morning and has become popular due to cannabis legalisation and people wanting to know more about this diverse plant.

In the US people are finding themselves in the position where they can legally grow weed. But many do not know where or how to get started. Here’s where this podcast comes in. Whilst discussing relevant news and information, they also talk about cultivation. Every episode is different and if you are looking for a fun but informative podcast then this is for you.

The Pot Cast

With the plethora of pot podcasts around it can be difficult to find the exact one you enjoy. There are plenty that discuss cannabis culture and getting stoned. But The Pot Cast delves deeper and forms two or three hour interviews with experts in the field. The interviews are informative and fun and are created with professionals such as lawyers, doctors and politicians. 

If you are wanting something different from the comical podcasts, this professional and informative series will be perfect for you. Important and enlighting questions are asked with insightful answers given, The Pot Cast allows you to learn about cannabis and its real-life uses. 


Hopefully, by now, you have found a few cannabis podcasts that you will enjoy. Each podcast is informative with a twist of its own, whether that be humour or interviews with politicians. Podcasts are a modern way to learn facts and listen to your favourite comedians and inspirational speakers, discuss cannabis and how it can revolutionise the medical and non-medical world.

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