Best video games for a smoking session

smoking session

Sometimes there is nothing better than inviting a few friends round to your place for a smoke and to play some video games. Here are five of our top choices for a gaming smoking session.


A racing game with a similar premise, get from the start to finish line as quickly as possible. Unlike your more advance racing sims, Trackmania allows those who are not particularly familiar with racing games to easily pick up and play.

With four different vehicle types offering vastly different handling styles and quick pass and play on the controller the intensity of the game can provide truly edge of seat moments.

The beauty of Trackmania however lies in its “random track generator”. The track generator will produce a totally new track for you and your friends to race on every time. This means that no matter how much you play the game you will always be on an equal playing field at the start of a new track.

Trials Rising

A simple game of getting your motorbike from the beginning of the stage to the end that anyone can pick up and play. However, within the simplicity lies a clever balancing mechanic meaning that with many hours you can learn how to bunny hop, wheelie and much more to become a master of the Trials franchise.

Whether you want to race on the tracks provided by the game itself or the many created by its users there is something that will appeal to anyone.

The game also provides a variety of mini games if the main game doesn’t appeal to you, again both by the game itself or via content created by users.

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart has been the staple of a smoking session since the N64 version allowed 4 players to race at once. Since then the series has gone from strength to strength adding both new and classic tracks. Whether you are new or old to the series doesn’t matter since the simple mechanics and item system means that everyone will be screaming at the TV (and each other) for one reason or another.

Super Monkey Ball

Originally released on the Sega Dreamcast Super Monkey Ball has since come back to a variety of platforms in recent years. Combining the base game plus a whole host of mini games it provides the perfect pick up and play enjoyment without requiring previous gaming knowledge. The mini games are also great entertainment. Monkey tennis anyone?

Mario Party 8

For those who may have smoking session friends that don’t often play computer games then Mario Party 8 is a great introduction for them. With simple mechanics that anyone can pick up the game provides a plethora of mini games that you can lose yourself in. Certainly some are better than others but this game is perfect for passing an hour or two while you get your bearings!