Alcohol vs Weed

Alcohol vs weed, what are the differences? In this article, we will go through how both affect you and can make you act differently. 

Weed also known as marijuana, cannabis or hash comes from the well-known cannabis plant. It has become more popular than ever over the past few years due to its healing and pain-relieving properties. However, many are still debating which one is better for your health, weed or alcohol. 


Recreational cannabis and weed was only a $6 billion in 2016 and as it becomes more legalised it is expected to grow more than 700% in 10 years. According to the financial firm Cowen and Co, the legal cannabis industry will be worth $50 billion by 2026. 

The average weed user spends over $600 on legal purchases annually with many Millenials buying stocks in the industry. Because of this, the alcohol industry is trying to get in on the fascination with weed and hemp. 

Cornish rum brand, Dead Man’s Fingers is releasing a cannabis-infused Hemp Rum. The rum apparently gives hints of coffee, cola, hops and pine with a grassy back note. Dead Man’s Fingers is aiming to tap into the growth of the legal cannabis industry in the UK.

Alcohol vs Weed

There are large differences between alcohol and weed, their one similarity is that they are both taken for recreational uses. Both change the way people feel or behave but alcohol is legal over a certain age in every country, whereas the use of recreational cannabis is not legal in many.


One of the main differences with weed compared to alcohol is how it is a lot harder to overdose. The number of deaths caused by cannabis is almost zero. Studies have shown that a fatal dose of THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, would be between 15 and 70 grams. 

This may not seem a lot, but in fact, to smoke or consume this much weed you would need to go through between 240 and 1,113 joints in one day. Something which is almost humanly impossible.

However, alcohol is completely different and is the cause of over 88,000 deaths per year. Alcohol, when binged, can be incredibly dangerous, it often changes people’s state of mind and causes them to be delirious and dizzy. Drunk driving is also a huge issue with every day, 28 people dying as a result. 


Consuming alcohol often leads to a loss of memory when binged. Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to ‘blackouts’ and these will cause the memory to be swayed. It has also been proven that alcoholics who rely on alcohol every day have a damaged memory.

However, no studies have yet shown that smoking weed temporarily will affect memory. But evidence has shown that teenagers who regularly smoke weed have a chance of memory impairment in the future.


Research has shown us that weed is safer than alcohol in many ways. With Millenials all over the world choosing weed over alcohol it is no surprise that the industry is booming. Weed, however, should still be taken with precaution and safety. But it is definitely a firm favourite. 

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