A Houston State University Survey Found Majority Texans Support Marijuana Legalization!

According to research conducted by the University of Houston, the vast majority of Texans support legalizing marijuana. The vast majority of the men, women, Democrats, Republicans, and people of various ethnicities who were polled (67% total) support full legalization. However, Dr. Mark Jones of the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston has stated that this will not occur in 2023.

Mark Jones stated, “Forty percent of Texans believe that we would see an increase in use among those under 21 if marijuana were legalized.” There are even some Republicans (up to 50%) who feel this way, so it’s safe to say that full legalization isn’t happening anytime soon in the Lone Star State.

Eighty-two percent of Texans surveyed would be in favor of legalizing marijuana if it could be used to treat medical conditions, and that number is even higher among those who only support medical marijuana.

According to Jones, any changes to the law pertaining to medical marijuana use would most likely be minor tweaks. Jones predicted that Republicans would be more willing to push a package that aids veterans if it contained provisions specific to the conditions experienced by veterans.

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